Alcohol To be Home-Delivered from Tomorrow!

Alcohol To be Home Delivered from Tomorrow! According to an order issued by the State Principal Secretary, excise,…

Alcohol To be Home Delivered from Tomorrow!

  • According to an order issued by the State Principal Secretary, excise, Valsa Nair Singh, home delivery of liquor in Maharashtra is sanctioned under Section 139 of Maharashtra prohibition Act 1949 to allow the home delivery of liquor. The State Government on Tuesday, 11 th May, countenanced home delivery of liquor to circumvent crowding at shops amidst the coronavirus-effectuated lockdown.
  • As stated by the government, delivery of Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL) -spirits, beers, mild liquor and wines are legitimized to permit holders. A few stipulations must be heeded such as the sited delivery person has to wear a mask and use hand sanitizers.
  • Excise Commissioner, Kantilal Umap mentioned that it is imperative for delivery boys to have a medical authorization and identity verification. There are enumerated hours and days designated on which the home delivery will be regulated only from within the area of the licensed premises.
  • The delivery will start from Friday, 15 th May (tomorrow) on orders placed either online or over the telephone. This order is pertinent to the shops that are already opened in the non-confinement zones.
  • One shop retainer cannot appoint more than 10 people for delivery and an individual delivery person must only have 24 bottles of licensed liquor in one time. The government also decreed that the shop retainer must not levy over and above the maximal price inscribed on the bottle.
  • Maharashtra is the fourth state to authorize home delivery of liquor after West Bengal, Punjab and Chhattisgarh. Mumbai, Aurangabad and Nagpur as of now, have not been permitted to synchronize home delivery of liquor.
  • Although the liquor shops were permitted to open in the third phase of the lockdown, they were shut in many cities such as Mumbai after social distancing measures were infracted.
  • The government elucidated that the online sale of liquor is an unwritten pact between the retailer and the consumer therefore the state will not be party to any dissension between them.
  • This disposition is relevant only till the lockdown procedure is in place and the Maharashtra government has explicated that this order can be permuted and abrogated at any time.

Alcohol To be Home Delivered from Tomorrow!

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