Boys Locker Room : 16 year olds come down to this!?

Boys Locker Room : 16 year olds come down to this!? Boys Locker Room : 16 year olds…

Boys Locker Room : 16 year olds come down to this!?

Boys Locker Room : 16 year olds come down to this!? The meme pages, comments, tik-tok video formats and likewise are used as entertainment channels. This platform has crossed its line to mock at others in a very uncouth manner which includes body shaming, fake news and violation of intellectual property. The users have failed to understand that these platforms are for interaction and commercial purposes. While memes are good to laugh at but not on the cost of people’s privacy. The term used for this is cyberbullying.

Boys locker room : 16 year olds come down to this!?

There are many cases of suicide worldwide especially teenagers. There is a higher rate of teen cyberbullying than any other kind. More than 1 in 3 children are victims of cyberbullying. These victims are made to keep their mouth shut because of embarrassing clicks while others take a fun ride on the expense of the victim. One of the recent cases in India was the boys locker room and the girls locker room. Many of the girls and boys have been body shamed and have ruthlessly commented on body features. It was a group on Instagram where boys and girls shred pictures and commented in an inappropriate manner respectively. This case is reported in Delhi and the admin of the group has been arrested.

Who were they?

The 18 year-old admin said that he isn’t acquainted with all the group members. Some of them had joined the group on the basis of reference of the other group members. Many group members had deleted their accounts after this case was out in public. This group not only body shamed but also glorified rape and objectified minors. This is only one case we are talking about while the stats show there are a millions of cases which are not even addressed because of public fear and guilt. Some of the teenagers fail to understand that it’s their right to do things out of the box and they shouldn’t be ashamed of what they do.

How to deal with this?

When such a situation occurs a lot of pressure is built up on a teenager especially by the society. This problem can only be solved by right parenting. Parents have to be neutral and have to keep a check on their children. It’s the parents duty to talk about all these topics like sex, drugs, social media, bullying, and many more. Right From childhood an individual should understand that it’s not right to objectify anyone and ANYONE MEANS ANYONE. If such a situation occurs, children are firstly afraid of parents which is completely wrong. Parents have to be welcoming and teach the child to believe in what he’s doing is right. Voices should be amplified and not submerged.

Being in such situation is depressing and many have lost their life due to cyberbullying. It’s not a suicide but a murder to play with someone’s privacy. The ones who are still surviving their depression have also lost their lives and it’s the mentality of the society that is to be blamed.

If you have ever been bullied speak up! ,We would love to hear your story out in the comment section.

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