Corona Virus the major 3 countries

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The Pre COVID – 19 Superpower of the world, USA, is the most affected country by the corona virus. There are 560,433 cases reported (13th April, 2020), while the death count is 22,115. It has reported the highest number of deaths than any other country. On 11th April 2020, the death toll passed 2000 in a single day. The first case was detected in Washington on 19th January, 2020.Corona Virus the major 3 countries.

The main reason of the rapid spread
of the virus in the country is because of the unorganized lock-down.

People are still roaming in the streets and been seen in crowds. The
lock-down has closed business centers and public- oriented place like
schools, parks and like wise but the roads are still filled with people.
There is no strict action on the civilians who breaks the lock-down. They have tested around 2,816,674 people. South Korea plans to send about 600,000 testing kits to the United States.

Spain is the second worst affected country in the world after the United States. There are 1,66,831 confirmed cases with about 17,209 deaths. Spain’s government planned for back to work under easing of the lock-down restrictions, as the country witnessed the lowest increase of deaths from Corona virus in a single day after 23 rd March. From today (13th April) , some industries like manufacturing and constructions are allowed to restart and function under the government guidelines like keeping 2 meters of distance, wearing proper protective equipment and likewise.

The 3rd most country to be the most affected is ITALY. It recorded about 1,56,363 cases, 19,899 are already dead. In mid-March, Italy was on the top of the list with the highest no. of cases. The fatality rate appears to be slowing down, gives a new hope for survival. They implemented lock-down too late, on 10th March when the count was near ten thousand. However, the rules of lock-down were vague and the solidarity of the action came later after the spread was extremely rapid. The lock-down has been temporarily been extended to 3 rd May, 2020. 1 in 4 Corona virus tests are positive in Italy.Corona Virus the major 3 countries.

This is a Prime Example of Delays on the Government’s behalf and irresponsible behavior on the Adult’s behalf by not following the rules of lock-down properly. We need to take this very seriously and
stay home if we want this Pandemic to end


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