If Joe Biden wins the upcoming US elections

If Joe Biden wins the upcoming US elections If Joe Biden wins the upcoming US elections, he would…

If Joe Biden wins the upcoming US elections

If Joe Biden wins the upcoming US elections, he would find a way to bring European relations with United States back to normal. The traditional relations between Europe and United States have been disturbed because of Trump. The assertive behavior of Europe can be beneficial for Biden for wining. Biden’s administration is portrayed as a ray of hope for American Governance. It will help to create a multilateral system.

Causes of this Disruption

Europe no longer shares any economic and security interests with USA. This because of the vulnerability by the US president Donald Trump. Europe has decided to go solo without any help or support of United States.

Recently, on 8th Sept, foreign ministers of the Group of 7 including United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Japan condemned the poisoning of Mr. Navalny, they were responding to Franco-German pressure, not to Washington’s initiative, even though the United States is leading the group this year.

Mr. Trump also invited Mr. Putin but the other countries denied of letting Russia be a part of the group as G8. This shows the grave assertiveness of Europe.  

This clearly shows the death of relations between USA and Europe. This anyhow will be a challenging situation for Europe as all the other neighbors including Russia, West Africa are going through crisis. Now as the US administration is looking else where, Europe is trying to deal with the crisis on their own. It will be very difficult as they are on their own.

America’s partners had expected that when Washington took over the leadership from France, it would quickly start preparations for this year’s summit, which had been planned for mid-June. Apart from controversies within the United States about the venue, nothing happened. This was the first time, that these leaders did not meet.

Looking at the circumstances, this is an advantage for Biden in the way for wining the election. What do you think? Who will win the upcoming United States election?


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