India and China stops troops deployment along the border

India and China agree to stop deploying their troops along the border On Monday, both the senior military…

India and China agree to stop deploying their troops along the border

On Monday, both the senior military officials from China and India met and discussed the problem along the claimed border. India and China have agreed to stop deploying their troops along the border. They will avoid any actions that will increase the tension at the border.

A joint press release said both sides had agreed to “avoid misunderstandings and misjudgments”, and “refrain from unilaterally changing the situation on the ground”. Neither of the two sides will not take any actions in the region.

Before this meeting, the countries had already failed to bring a diplomatic, political solution to this border dispute. There were repeated trials for negotiation in Moscow but there was no outcome.

Last week, India’s Defence Minister Rajnath Singh accused China of violating past border agreements and expanding its troop deployments along the non-demarcated border. The nuclear-armed Asian neighbors share a 3,500km unmarked border through the Himalayas, where an uneasy peace has held since the two countries signed a truce following a war in 1962. The world’s two most populous nations have been locked in a border dispute since April when rival soldiers engaged in clashes at several points on their border.

Despite these agreements and truces, both the countries are getting prepared for future wars and clashes. This border tension will not have an easy solution if we look closely at the current scenario. There are been arrangements made for supplying food and weapons to the border. The countries claim that it is for the winters but we can clearly see there is more to the story.



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