Indirect Trouble Caused by Corona

Indirect Trouble Caused by Corona Here’s how corona has indirectly caused trouble. The corona virus pandemic has not…

Indirect Trouble Caused by Corona

Here’s how corona has indirectly caused trouble. The corona virus pandemic has not only affected the health department of the world but so much more. While countries are trying to stabilize their economies, social status has been disrupted badly. Poor countries are suffering the most. People are dying or losing sight because of lapses in vitamin A. Men and women suffering from tuberculosis, malaria and AIDs are dying because of improper or no treatment. It has greatly killed a lot of elders and caused blindness to many.

Children- the primary concern of Corona

Child marriages in poor countries have risen to a very large extent. The analysis predicted a rise of over 13 million of child marriages have taken place since lockdown. Children, especially girls have been forced to leave schools and have discontinued their education. 80 million babies have died due to missing their vaccinations or not able to afford them. Girls are getting married at young age to meet their daily requirements of food, clothing and shelter from the husband’s family. There are many cases where girls are given impossible choices.

The state of women

Pregnant women are dying because if the virus while giving birth. Women are not getting modern contraceptives. There is a reduce in female genital mutilation. Many girls, children and women are suffering from domestic violence. Women are getting exploited and pregnant without any economic support.

Lower income group

Their earnings are reduced or completely disappeared. There is a upsurging rise of poverty. Poverty has been redefined with a great fall in the economies and monthly earning of families. UN has a target of raising 10 billion dollars as a relief fund. Only a quarter of it has been raised.


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