Joe Biden and RJ Charlamagne Creates Controversy.

Joe Biden says “You ain’t black if’ to RJ Charlamagne Creates Controversy. Radio host Charlamagne tha God has…

Joe Biden says “You ain’t black if’ to RJ Charlamagne Creates Controversy.

Radio host Charlamagne tha God has dismissed Joe Biden’s ‘lip service’ after the former Vice President apologized for saying black people unsure whether to back him or Donald Trump ‘ain’t black’. Biden, the Democrats’ presumptive presidential nominee, was accused of racism and later admitted he ‘shouldn’t have been such a wise guy’ when he made the presumptuous remark about the black vote last week.

What do the People Have To Say About This ?

The Breakfast Club host added that if Biden were to choose Amy Klobuchar as his running mate he’d be making a mistake and should go for a black women instead.

Biden, who has already announced he will choose a woman as his running mate, has several contenders, with Klobuchar, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren all in the running. The bookmakers have Harris priced up the favorite, though Klobuchar has made some recent traction.

Charlamagne added: ‘I do hear a lot of people say, you know, we also want him to have a black woman running mate, you know, but not just any black woman running mate, one that’s going to actually get in office and care that black people benefit from our presence there’.

What does the Black Community want?

We need substance and significance over symbolism, and he’s already committed to putting a black woman on the Supreme Court. So, I just want him and the Democratic Party to know that it’s time to give back to the black community in a very tangible way.’ Biden on Friday distanced himself from the remarks made to Charlemagne in a phone call with black business leader, telling them ‘I shouldn’t have been so cavalier in responding.

I don’t take (the black vote) for granted at all.’ That was an acknowledgement of the stinging criticism he received in response to his comments, which he made earlier in the day on ‘The Breakfast Club,’ a radio program that is popular in the black community. The rebukes included allies of Trump’s re-election campaign – anxious to go on the offense after weeks of defending the Republican president’s response to the coronavirus pandemic – and some activists who warned that Biden must still look out for black voters, even if African Americans were to oppose the president.

Near the end of Biden’s appearance on the radio program, Charlamagne pressed him on reports that he is considering Minnesota Sen.

Amy Klobuchar, who is white, to be his vice presidential running mate. The host told Biden that black voters ‘saved his political life in the primaries’ and ‘have things they want from him.’

Biden’s Controversial Response

Biden replied, ‘I do that to black media and white media,’ and said that his wife needed to use the television studio. Trump’s campaign and his allies immediately prohibited on Biden’s comments.

Tim Scott Says

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, a Trump supporter and the Senate’s black Republican, said thathe was ‘shocked and surprised’ by Biden’s remarks.

Black People support Biden

Charlamagne later said ‘A black woman running mate is necessary, especially after today.’ He added that the question of ‘what makes somebody black’ is a debate for black people, not for ‘anyone else. Black voters helped resurrect Biden’s campaign in this year’s primaries with a second-place finish in the Nevada caucuses and a win in the South Carolina after his start with embarrassing finishes in white Iowa and New Hampshire.

Sixty-one percent of black voters supported Biden during the primary season, according to AP VoteCast surveys across 17 states that voted in February and March.Biden is now seeking to maintain his standing with black voters while building the type of multiracial and multi generational coalition that twice elected Barack Obama, whom he served as vice president.

He has already committed to picking a woman as his running mate and is considering several African American contenders who could energize black voters. Biden is also considering candidates such as Klobuchar, who could approach whites. There not much chance of a sudden shift in support for Trump among black voters.

Fox News Poll Says

A recent Fox News poll shows just 14% of African Americans who are registered to vote have a favorable opinion of Trump, compared with 84% who view him unfavorably. 75% of African American registered voters say they have a favorable view of Biden; 21% hold an unfavorable opinion.

Risk After the Controversial Comment

There is a risk of black voters, especially those who are younger, staying home in November, which could complicate Biden’s path to conquer in a tight election. The Breakfast Club is a notable venue for Biden’s comments because the program is popular in younger African Americans.

Adrianne Shropshire, executive director of BlackPACsaid “many black Americans are loyal Biden supporters”. She said his comments make it harder to approach people who are on the fence about voting.

“The first thing I thought about was to what degree did this just turn off those voters and how much more work the rest of us are going to have to do to convince people that it is worth their time and their efforts”, she said.

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