Science is the biggest lie

Science is the biggest lie Science is a tool to sell products for huge companies and industries. It…

Science is the biggest lie

Science is a tool to sell products for huge companies and industries. It has been twisted and filtered to become the biggest lie of one’s life. 

Let’s take a small example of companies selling razors. In any advertisement where women razors are advertised, The doctors claim that it does not harm the female skin. Apparently it does makes the skin darker and the hair grown is thicker. This is a scientific fact which is twisted for advertising so that people buy it.

There have been many frauds in the past about fake science. The biggest example is the Axon company’s lie about climate change. It was a huge political issue because of the lie this company promoted.

The Crocin tablet is banned in many countries like USA, Europe and many other places as it proves to be harmful. It is still sold in many markets as the company has succeed to promote it. This tablet is psychoactive in nature and can damage the human body.

The biggest advantage of these companies is that people blindly trust scientific facts without questioning its validity. We are so fascinated by those big scientific words that we don’t even understand. Science is used in every part of production. Unfortunately the scientists paid to show false research and media is used to promote fake facts. 

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Half of the problems in this world have been created because of such companies and frauds. So before we go and buy products without checking its validation, you should be thorough about the things around you. There is only one difference in the pre industrialisation period and the post-industrialisation period-

In the past people blindly followed the wordings of the church and now of these companies and science. 

Well these companies are making profit in millions and billions and maybe trillions too. They have enough resources to sustain and protect themselves. But they are doing it at our cost.

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Penned by Simran Oswal, at Earthlyspeaks


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