Sonia Gandhi Resigning?

Sonia Gandhi Resigning? Sonia Gandhi Resigning? The universal face, one of the main leaders of the Congress, Sonia…
sonia gandhi and the congress

Sonia Gandhi Resigning?

Sonia Gandhi Resigning? The universal face, one of the main leaders of the Congress, Sonia Gandhi sent her letter of resignation from the post of AICC interim president on 23rd August because she is sick.

What happened in the Congress Working Committee?

On 24th August, in the Congress Working Committee (CWC), the issue over leadership and Sonia Gandhi’s procedure for resignation. Many Congress leaders including Manmohan Singh wanted Sonia Gandhi to continue her leadership. She will be resigning very soon. She handed her letter to KC Venugopal. It read out in the meeting.

Another letter that created controversies in the meeting,

23 senior leaders of the Congress including former chief ministers, former Union ministers, members of the Congress Working Committee (CWC), senior office-bearers have written a letter to the Congress president, Sonia Gandhi. They have acknowledged the erosion in the support base of the party and pointed to the lack of honest introspection after electoral defeats. The leaders have also outlined an agenda for reform a full-time, effective, active and visible president; elections at all levels in the party; establishing an institutional leadership model to collectively guide the party; a national coalition with like-minded parties, and likewise.

Why was the reforms letters a subject of argument in the Congress meeting?

Rahul Gandhi questioned the timing of a letter submitted by the party leaders targeting the Gandhi leadership. He criticized the timing and asked why the letter was sent when Sonia Gandhi was admitted in the hospital. He also criticized the leaders to go public with these issues saying that they were the issues of the party and not a media discussion.

The letter was written at the time when the congress government in Rajasthan was facing crisis. Rahul Gandhi also said that this reform in the party is a conspiracy of the BJP. Ghulam Nabi Aazad explained the reason for the reforms and assured it was not a conspiracy or collusion with BJP. If such allegations are proved, he will resign.


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Penned by Simran Oswal, Columnist at Earthlyspeaks


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