Women empowerment- “just a pathetic show”

Women empowerment- “just a pathetic show” Today the world has many leading women in all kinds of fields…

Women empowerment- “just a pathetic show”

Today the world has many leading women in all kinds of fields be it politics, sports, science, arts or business. But has any one ever wondered the ratio of women’s success to the men’s success? Has anyone wondered about the ratio of women’s obstacles to the ratio of men’s obstacles? Everyone is going on about equality and empowerment, but is it really happening or is it just a pathetic show by politicians and other men to make us believe in it.
The gender pay gap stands at 16%. This has been stated by the WHO in 2020. It is even harder for women of color, immigrant women and single mothers. This 16% is an average number for the whole world and varies from country to country but WOMEN are PAID LESS IN EVERY COUNTRY AT ALL LEVELS OF WORK. Be it actresses or maids, the pay gap is there at all levels.
If we look at the reservation of seats in the parliament, 15 seats out of 255 seats are reserved for women. Where is this equality? In a country of more than 5 billion girls, only a few thousand can make it to go outside and work, while others are off to their husband’s house and taking care of children. Opportunities are not given to them.
A girl cannot or is not allowed to do night shifts because of safety reasons and “pathetic men”. Some of the girls are not even safe at home. 80% or more women and girls are sexually abused by relatives or people from thier households.
There are millions of men out there jumping to one success after another, but we women here are just struggling to get approved for competing with the world.


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